the mission

Full Heart Space was created with one goal in mind - to hold space for and give heart to those seeking tenderness and support through touch.

Sometimes we simply need comfort. To feel held and cared for, and have another being's focus solely on us for a time. Experiences of physical dis-ease or troubles presenting in our skin can effect us on many levels, including emotionally. You may need building up, grounding down, or bringing into balance. Whatever you may feel called to, FHS is here to provide the care you request for your face and body, while allowing you to sit with or feel what may be needed in a loving and open space.

For whatever you may need to soften, strengthen, gain or leave behind, I hope to help you find it in treatment.

You are free to feel here. This space is for you.


the skin

Most of us have been taught to treat our skin topically to beautify the surface of ourselves. What if we replaced the emphasis on beauty, with one of health? What if we considered our overall wellbeing to address imbalance present in the skin? Or better yet, what if we treated ourselves as a whole and watched as the glow of vitality increased in our skin? With each treatment, we look inward, through the superficial tissues to begin the healing process. I encourage clients to look beyond what is applied topically, and make their daily home care for the skin look more like a healthy lifestyle, rich in self-care and a connection to nature.

My intention is to guide you through the often overwhelming selection of products, ingredients, and their claims, and assist in identifying your skin's needs in order to simplify home care. Strongly rooted in herbal and Eastern medicine, each skin care session offers a holistic approach for a wide range of presentations from hyperpigmentation and fascial restrictions to inflammatory conditions. A variety of healing modalities, tools, and massage techniques are available to you during your treatment session, all you have to do is select the desired treatment length. The more time we have together, the deeper we can connect to the skin's unique rhythm.

Each skin session will include a discussion of home care routines. Gentle suggestions of ways to adjust home care and product usage will be made, as needed and with the client's permission. Notes discussed during treatment (as well as a customized affirmation) will be written on your personal care card to be taken home and placed wherever it may be viewed most often. 

No two treatments will ever be alike as your skin and spirit's needs are ever-shifting.


the body

if we can learn to hear the body whisper, it will never have to yell..

Deeper, more therapeutic and corrective massage techniques are beneficial in many ways and incorporated at Full Heart Space. However, great consideration is taken in each session to determine what the body is communicating it's ready for at the time of treatment. Gentle and even seemingly passive massage can have an equally profound effect on our beings. When used thoughtfully, a blend of traditional Swedish, Thai massage (table techniques), Craniosacral therapy, and intentional cupping and gua sha application have proven to be effective allies in healing without the need for ample force. This allows accommodation for almost any body to receive comfortably while feeling safe and supported.

Aromatherapy ranging from grounding to invigorating, steamed towels used for compresses of the feet or gentle stretching of the neck, flower essences and a variety of nourishing oils are all incorporated in to each massage session.

Connect deeply to your body, rest, breathe and receive.