self-empowerment in skincare

Over the last thirteen years of my career as an Esthetician, I’ve tried to steer my practice away from the messages of the beauty industry. Primarily for the health and safety of my clients, but for my own happiness and contentment in my work, as well. Messages of perfection, and self-worth being measured by appearance are extremely detrimental regardless of who falls prey to them. Unfortunately, I would imagine all of us have succumb to these messages at some point over the course of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, due to overexposure. The beauty industry budgets millions of dollars each year in advertising that’s centered around making us feel like we need what they are selling in order to care for ourselves properly. In order to love ourselves properly. Sometimes going so far as to shame or guilt their audience into investing. There is no place for this in my practice. It is my hope and belief that we’ll see a massive shift in a much healthier direction as the world of esthetics continues to change and refuses to promote these harmful messages any longer.

As Estheticians, we must delicately walk the fine line between offering care for our clients while also presenting them with the truth that they are more capable of caring for themselves than they may realize. Your Esthetician should never make you feel as if you must visit them regularly or risk regressing in your healing process. You do not need a medicine cabinet full of the most expensive products on the market in order to care for yourself. You do not need the newest gadgets and their aggressive treatments to make you feel like yourself. And, perhaps most importantly,  you do not need anyone else to tell you what you need. Only you can know that for yourself. You are your own best healer.


Let me say right now, while I have your attention…


You do not need beautifying. 


You do not need changing in any way. 


You are exactly who you are meant to be.


You, being you in this moment, is all that matters.


You know what you need better than anyone else does.


You are the most capable of healing yourself.


A considerable amount of the environment I was raised in was one of praising ‘beauty’ and expressing judgment of ‘flaws’. I know how tough the journey to self-acceptance can be. It requires practice and unwavering commitment to yourself. Your choice of Esthetician, your choice of skin or body care products, and your community should nurture and support that journey, not exploit it.

I have three goals in my work, 1) To provide a safe space, free of judgement, shame or manipulation, for you to receive care, 2) To care for the layered tissues of your face and body in whatever way they may communicate needing at the time of session, 3) To strengthen the relationship between you and what you love most about yourself. 

My job is to support your self-healing in any way that I can. And present you with all of the beauty that’s waiting to be accessed by self-love. I hope to have the opportunity to earn your trust, should you desire a treatment in the future. I am here for you.

You are loved here.

Neva Osterloh