full heart healing

a holistic skin care, massage & energy work studio



Neva Osterloh

Holistic Esthetician

Massage Therapist

LMT #22393

Portland, Oregon


I feel like I learned more yesterday than I did after months of experimenting with different treatments on my own. But more importantly, I am grateful to you because I left feeling like a huge weight has been lifted. I am less stressed about my skin and feeling hopeful about it again (for the first time in a long time). I truly appreciate you and all the care and support you offer(d).

-Dasia S.

Self-care is vital. It shifts us. What a transformative experience seeing Neva is. She has so much to offer. I have seen her for eyelash tinting, facials, and massage. My favorite is the 1.5 hour facial. My skin and whole being is so happy afterwards. The way she tends to every aspect of the process is so powerful. The whole experience is nurturing and the results are transformative.

-Raina L.

Every treatment I have had the joy to receive from Neva has left a genuine and lasting impact on my heart, and really my entire sense of self. I always walk away feeling my body with heightened awareness, and heightened compassion, after being so sweetly and attentively held in a space of deep healing. Her rooted skills and unwavering gentle nature are at once deeply comforting and wonderfully restorative, feeling akin to the most peaceful out of body experience imaginable.

-Lauren J.

Neva, you are magic. Thank you for giving me the gift of so much tenderness. I am amazed that such gentle care can so profoundly effect the skin. I leave every treatment feeling illuminated from within. I can’t imagine entrusting my skin to anyone else. 

-Emily M.

I have unruly, wild brows while my mom has brows recovering from the trend of over-plucking. Neva was able to take on both of us as clients. She tames my wild brows and fills in patchy spots, enhancing my natural shape and complimenting my face. She was able to fill in and tint my mother’s eyebrows to give her a fuller, more natural look. Neva is wonderful and welcoming. I always say “This is the only eyebrow wax that could put me to sleep.” Just incredible! I recommend her to everyone who compliments my eyebrows, and everyone complaining about theirs!

-Angela D.